Why Use A Back Office?

Why Use a Back Office Service Provider

Earn Additional Income

Recruiters specializing in direct hire/permanent placements can experience significant fluctuations in cash flow. Fees from contract placements are predictable, regular, and stable. By offering a temporary or contract alternative to your client companies, you are in a position to respond to the demands of the market. Whether your client companies are requesting permanent employees, temporary employees or contractors, you can accommodate their needs.

Offer a More Complete Service to Your Client Companies

When a client company asks for help regarding a temporary or contract staffing need, you have two options, either find a way to accommodate them, or by inference, tell them to call your competition. Being a full solution provider increases your value to your client companies and helps minimize the opportunities for your clients to develop relationships with your competitors.

Make More Permanent Placements

Temporary and contract placements often lead to permanent placements. Sometimes a conversion fee after a temporary assignment is the only way to salvage an unobtainable permanent fee. When a client company presents an objection to paying a permanent fee because of a hiring freeze or budget limitation, having a ready alternative can be a mutually beneficial solution.

Accommodate Temp-to-Perm and Contract-to-Hire Requests

Many companies are choosing temp-to-perm and contract-to-hire as their preferred method of hiring. As this trend continues to grow, all permanent placement recruiters should have the ability to accommodate this type of request. Not being able to offer this widely accepted hiring practice will likely result in lost income.

Make Out-of-State Placements

Even if you are currently making temporary and contract placements and have no need for our services in your home state, our multi-state and multi-national capability to serve as employer of record may allow you to make temporary or contract placements in areas where you are not set up to do business.


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