Employer of Record

Employer of Record

People 2.0 Recruiter Services typically assumes the role of employer of record for the temporary and contract workers while they are on assignment. As the legal employer of the workers, We are responsible for issuing payroll checks, and submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes.

We also assume other employment related responsibilities such as providing workers compensation insurance coverage, general liability insurance, and, in some cases, professional liability (errors & omissions) coverage.

People 2.0 Recruiter Services is available to employ workers in all states and Canada. Due to workers compensation restrictions, P20 only accepts workers with office/clerical or office/professional assignments. For other class codes or for recruiters/staffing companies who prefer to serve as the legal employer, payroll funding and payroll processing services are available through another sister company.

Map of US & Canada

We employ workers in all states and Canada.